Jeremy Renner Talks ‘Good’ ‘Netflix Series’

‘Hawkeye’ just about sums up Jeremy Renner’s time on TV.

After starring on ‘The Killing’ with Mireille Enos, Renner was abruptly written out by The AMC network in a bid to bring back ratings.

Renner now recurs on ‘Marvel’s New Warriors,’ where he’s able to use his real life pal Avengers star Tom Hiddleston to boost the series’ ratings.

“When you’re this actor, these movies are always at the top of the pile, like the first two Avengers, and then Avengers: Infinity War broke the record,” Renner explained. “I’m always at the top of the list for movies that are offered to me, and I want them to be good movies. If I was lucky enough to get to be in them, I’m going to stay in them. There’s nothing to gain. I want to stay in those movies. If you start to let go of what they’re offering and are like, “No,’ it’s not a lifelong thing for me, you know?”

And what about Jeremy Renner as “Mayor of Kingstown?” He’s described by Renner as “something that’s normal.”

“What could possibly be better than going from killing on TV, to being mayor of a town, which is in the best part of America. It’s like, how does that happen? I’m like, “I don’t know, man.’”

Renner was on ‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’ Friday night discussing new HBO show ‘Ballers.’

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