Kyle Rittenhouse: “Saturday Night Live” Just Made My Life A Hell

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Kyle Rittenhouse is in big trouble…

Now that “Saturday Night Live” is weighing in on Friday’s verdict…

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” included hilarious sketches to stir the ire of Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Rittenhouse.

The series opened with Luke Combs performing his latest single, “One Number Away,” before the opening credits. Rittenhouse came on to the stage alone, and poking fun at what they perceive as the weird behavior of this man he calls “B.C.” Rittenhouse played a series of unconventional and dangerous videos: a sordid sex tape of him with former boyfriend Sherry Jordan, and an online revenge porn video he posted of Jordan.

“Saturday Night Live” then turned to their official Twitter account to make a plea to Rittenhouse:

If you do have info on @B_C311 and have not come forward, you are giving the scum of the earth a free pass. Make the right choice & press charges! #BC311 #SNL — Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) April 28, 2019

Kyle Rittenhouse, you can read his story and listen to his podcast “Playing Dumb” HERE.

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