Naked Politics: New Yorker Editor: Trump is ‘part of a cult of personality’

The editorial reflects CNN’s mainstream Democratic affiliate until Trump-friendly anchors Andy Serwer and Dan Lothian joined the network in January 2018. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images G.O.P. Is Energized, but ‘Trump Cancel Culture’ Poses a Threat “The pollsters know when to use a pollster and when to use talking points,” Serwer tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo on ‘New Day.’”

“My current observation in the magazine is that the Republican Party has moved a lot of seats. What it doesn’t appear to have moved, though, is enthusiasm,” New Yorker editor David Remnick said Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” insisting the upside was “that they have made a lot of money.”

Remnick, a staunch Democrat and former editor of The New Republic, didn’t say whether he sees value in the mainstream media making similar endorsements.

“I’m working on an ambitious cover story on the Republican Party. The pollsters know when to use a pollster and when to use talking points. In 2012 and 2016, at least, they made a couple mistakes,” he said.

Remnick also insisted he can’t get a response from the media to what he knows to be a counterintuitive notion.

“I’ve not gotten a reaction to my call today, which is part of this deeply pragmatic review and appraisal of this entire state of the Republican Party, and what it means as it relates to me.”

“What I’m seeing is a party that has been electrified by the Trump phenomenon and a sort of political culture, which is manifesting itself in a kind of showy cult of personality that will increasingly polarize our politics,” Remnick said.

Remnick compared the Republican leadership to the famous daughter of a recent film character, played by Meryl Streep, saying “I think that’s the way it is right now — you know, when she says, ‘I’m just like you!’ It’s like that — they’re just like Trump.”

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