Private sky gardens at a Washington hotel are a living room, personal chef and a soaker bath

Want a unique way to check out your new hotel, but don’t want to pay high prices for a room? The Saint Louis Hotel’s newest perk might be the solution: elegant private sky-gardens.

Those of you looking to check out a Washington hotel without the hassle of a parking lot, D.C. crowds and traffic chaos will surely like what the Saint Louis Hotel is offering. I don’t know who said no to cloud, but if there’s any city that deserves a private garden in the sky, it’s Washington.

The Saint Louis Hotel, a boutique property just off H Street in the heart of D.C., boasts a number of unique amenities, like co-working space and a ballroom. But they’ve just started offering room service in the form of exclusive private sky gardens — as in the kind of sky gardens that you’d find in some of the world’s tallest hotel bars and restaurants.

Staff goes through a vetting process to make sure they are the most professional garden-makers in town. And you won’t just find some colorful flowers, you’ll find an exclusive herb garden and breathtaking views of the District.

In addition to the sky garden-style sleeping arrangements, the hotel also offers a “Garden Compost Room” service, which lets you plant yourself a little garden to help with the local food supply. The service includes one month’s supply of organic vegetables, a mandoline knife and composted materials to help promote a “sustainable, food-driven lifestyle.”

And the grown-up, ready-to-forage guests?

Couple of items to check out.

The package runs $140 a night. Of course, don’t forget to check out the rooftop pool, too, which includes a pool cabana.

My last memory of the sky garden – an LED-lit grotto-within-a-garden — Daniel Murrell (@schloegirl) May 3, 2017

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