Starbucks hepatitis A scare: What you need to know

Starbucks’ viral hepatitis A scare has prompted an investigation by both city and state health officials, and apparently some might not know the precise numbers who could be affected.

Here’s the information they’re giving people right now, according to Fox 6 San Diego:

Phoenix: 7 million people potentially exposed

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Health Services told Fox6 San Diego that 5 percent of the 5.6 million people living in Arizona at the time the case was diagnosed was likely exposed, and yet because the case was reported as a medical condition, not a disease.

DHS will collect urine samples to help identify where Starbucks employees served food or drink, as well as how many people had that exposure, Fox6 San Diego reported.

The case was diagnosed in July, but the CDC only informed Phoenix area health officials of the problem on Aug. 1. The CDC also has yet to notify all Starbucks employees.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: 6,000 likely exposed

They said 1 in 35 Starbucks employees likely had exposure.

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Fox News is airing a five-part report on the case as news develops.

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