These lines on car lots are confusing to even experienced parking-lot users

Petrol in Washington is expensive. So people who park downtown have come up with other ways to slash their costs.

One green perk is to park in a green lot between Fairfax and Rosslyn. If the car exits at N. Joyce streets, it’s free.

If a driver’s destination is farther away, he or she can charge another $2 for a ride home or $4 if that ride takes more than 15 minutes. Green parking lots in Rosslyn and Fairfax offer a few hundred spaces and about 1,800 spaces, according to ParkingDC.

But there’s something confusing about all those signs.

It’s easy to see them on Greene Street, at the edge of Rosslyn. In some spots, the welcome sign features a phrase in the shape of a grass bridge.

In another spot, it says, “FREE,” above a U shape. There’s a “Go” button beside it that could be a “Pay.” There are also signs — “Good fortune,” “Count on the Freedom” — and a large arrow.

Even the signs that look like they could be a sign of impending doom are slightly confused. “BEWARE THIS SIGN – GUN” read one, on an otherwise nondescript, white building.

There are about 800 public spaces at the Rosslyn Green Lots. About another 500 spaces are available for VDOT and Prince William County police officers.

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