Toronto through the eyes of fashion editors

By Edward Lee, CNN • Updated 24th March 2018

Toronto, Canada — There’s no better time of year to be there than April, when city blocks fill with people huffing out rivers of bubbles on the grounds of Kensington Market’s Bier Markt, browsing food trucks or, of course, indulging in some wild fashion that will only get more and more eccentric with time.

Between fashion events, street fests and pub crawls, there’s always something new to see. Here are some of the major events to check out this spring.

1 / 11 Hear modernist flamenco in downtown Toronto. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the acclaimed venue El Tio Flamenco offers a series of 18 shows for the year. Admission is only $1, unless space is limited. Try: “Aina de Tempo .”

At the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, Joe Beef is known for creating outsize feasts that often serve 12 people. There are no shortage of pubs and restaurants right next door in the same neighborhood — a great way to spend a night out with your dates.

2 / 10 Tucked away from the action on Spadina Avenue, La Spezia offers the best of pizza, beer and wine. Try the “Chichesso Napoletana.”

Satisfying almost any craving, if there’s room, tries the Zabar’s Jewish deli on Bloor Street East or The Scotiabank in the Financial District.

3 / 10 Is there anything Italian Toronto won’t do? The Cibo restaurant has been on King Street for more than 40 years, catering to the countless patrons who love its Bolognese, Sicilian and Calabrian pastas and orecchiette.

4 / 10 Handcrafted hot cakes and cakes are the reason to head to Mr. Perrier — an institution located in Toronto’s Little Italy that serves its ‘wet’ cake all year round.

Back home, people often hail the Cadbury Dairy Milk cupcakes at Buttermilk Bakeshop for just that. To find out more, head to one of these dedicated fan sites.

5 / 10 We can be pretty hard on ourselves but nothing’s better than giving yourself a night out to remember. The Drake Hotel, with its vibrant decor and party lifestyle, could be just the place to escape to.

Batter Up from TAP Hotel is a different kind of tasting event: It’s a night out, with a lineup of eight chefs — six from the restaurant TAP and one from Batter Up — with a six-course feast.

6 / 10 If you can’t tear yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the Toronto streets, there’s always the Harbourfront Festival. Check out “Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1” , a retro film starring Billy Bob Thornton, who brought the notorious French gangster to life in the late ’90s.

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