Troy and Dolly of Love and Marriage review – love and prison turn into a prison thriller

Ten years after they first moved from their small Los Angeles home to a residential facility for kids living with abuse and addiction, Savage and Durden find themselves in the family home with the feel of a prison. Staying on the premises long-term and spending time there even once or twice is giving Savage new hope in the possibility of one day being able to leave.

Meanwhile, Marcy Durden is getting ready to take on the new coach at Harding High School in her old hometown, but she can’t stop being reminded of Mikel and Tammy, her former colleagues and lovers. Between the visits and the chaos caused by the restaurant, her old high school friends on social media are trying to get her to return to what she once knew. Tammy has also organized a benefit for Paul to help him pay off the back tax and legal fees for using Max’s credit card. Paul also ran into Marcy and mentioned being attacked by a dude who pointed a knife at him, which happens frequently when they were in college and Paul was a model student.

Back in the dorms, Shoshanna is having trouble ignoring the temptation of street drugs and Nicole is ignoring the fact that she’s engaging in experiments she learned about in small-town therapy. After getting upset because she doesn’t want to drink their supply of Planters, Phoebe helps cope with her grief over Orison’s death by learning how to chop wood. With a little encouragement from her boyfriend, Abbi, she decides to kick the habit.

Tory tries to make peace with Heather during a game of Survivor and learns that Heather lacks empathy. After a failed attempt to salvage the relationship during a game of musical chairs, she decides to end things.

Paul Durden uses an unauthorized visit from Tammy into his support system and takes her back to the restaurant where they worked together as art students. He tells her his project for the school is to change the food menu and she agrees to work on it with him. But she doesn’t give up all her freedom, even when she needs to raise $100,000 to pay off Max’s tax bill. As a means of money, she’s just going to hold a campaign office fundraiser for Orison and invites him along to try to raise more cash. Paul plans to go along with her, but when he meets Orison and makes a toast, he looks like he’s a goner. Orison ends up raising a lot of cash for Paul, and everyone gets a little hopeful about Paul and Tammy’s future.

After St. Ann returns to her parents, she receives more support from them than from her shrink Dr. Dominick. After a night of partying with the new crew, they head back to the home of Maggie and Marcy. With Paul, they hope to sell the table Paul had bought that morning. But their crew isn’t keen on staying overnight. St. Ann stays the night to check in on Maggie and Marcy. After everything they’ve been through, the two women want to ensure the rest of the family doesn’t suffer the same fate as Paul and Tammy.

Michael McKean and Judy Greer appear in the episode as Maggie and Marcy’s parents.

Dr. Victor Estrada’s aide who meets with Savage and Durden is coming off as creepy and sociopathic. Yet this minor jolts Savage and Durden into seeking some therapy. After Diane has her own therapy session, her therapist calls upon her to come with him to one of the unlicensed therapy groups in town. While Diane is uncomfortable at the idea of therapy, her feelings get worse when he mentions the client list from Estrada’s sessions. Diane says she doesn’t want to be part of it, but before she can go, Dr. Estrada slips an unlisted phone number into the session notes. Diane works through it and goes back to the rest of the group afterward.

Tammy and Max feel the effects of not being able to shake old hurts they caused their families in the early days of their marriage.

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