Vietnamese noodle seller sues YouTube star for spreading ‘lost salt Bae’ video

A Vietnamese noodle seller is furious after a video of his meal went viral with the country’s legendary “Salt Bae” embracing a fellow cook.

In the video, Vietnamese street vendor Vo Van Lam stands in front of a dining table and tells the co-star of a popular comedy show, Nguyen Vinh Nhung, to “don’t forget to salt me” after he garnishes his meal. The video, now widely watched on Facebook, appears to show Nhung enjoying the dish and going to enjoy a solo glass of wine. Nhung is then seen heading off with the drink, seemingly having an amorous connection with a seatmate.

Fearing for his safety, Lam has launched a petition, demanding the video be removed.

“A couple from another country are eating my noodles right now and I want this message to go to everyone in Vietnam – no one should dare to touch, greet or mess with someone who sells food and noodles like I do,” Lam wrote on

The video has spread with devastating speed, becoming the most-viewed video on Vietnam’s main social media website.

The country’s YouTube channel with more than four million views already has “Lost Salt Bae” and “Salt Bae and His Wife” together in the top-10 trending keywords, according to VietnamNet.

Famed celebrity chef Nabil Mezary, known as Salt Bae, is a Lebanese-born culinary sensation who became a global sensation after his professional moment at the Dubai Sake Festival in October of 2017.

A report in Digital Trends speculated that Nhung is “deeply upset with Salt Bae” because he shot his video in front of the chef’s sign outside his home for more than 12 hours.

Salt Bae has no reported relationship with Nhung.

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