Wisconsin town mourns Santa Claus after bicycle accident

Written by Nandini Ramakrishnan and Michael Loccisano, CNN

More than 100 people were hurt Wednesday after a motorcycle carrying Santa Claus plowed through the middle of a parade in Brown County, Wisconsin.

The bike’s rider, the company’s marketing manager, is in critical condition, said Tim Angelo, supervisor for the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. The accident is being investigated.

At least three children have been transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

“We have a couple of minor injuries, but that’s about all that we have right now,” Angelo said.

Most of the children who were in the parade were spectators, not children in the parade itself, he said.

“We have some eye witnesses, but unfortunately we don’t have many at this point. So we’ll have to follow up on those with investigators and gather all the information we can,” Angelo said.

Fire Marshal Neil Naylor told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday that the primary injuries were among the children.

“We have received injuries ranging from broken bones to concussions to concussions to pelvic injuries and facial injuries,” Naylor said.

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