Wow! Partial lunar eclipse photographed from around the world

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Spectacular sight came just two weeks after total lunar eclipse eclipsed the sun

Parts of the world watched a spectacular partial lunar eclipse on Friday night, just two weeks after a full solar eclipse ended.

Watch all that happened during the second full solar eclipse of 2019

The full moon appeared bigger and redder than usual, and eclipsed the sun in several countries.

Here are some of the photos, posted on social media, that capture the brilliant red.

Stefan Mouhaesens of Belgium by proxy from Spicewood Pass in the UK – — TheeTwiddler (@WillHenegono) June 21, 2019

British photographer Will Henegono posted this spectacular image from Britain. He said: “Stepping outside, where the moon was still part of the sun, I was amazed at how much bigger and brighter it looked.”

Sarah Sutton of the UK, by proxy from Ilfracombe, Devon – — TheeTwiddler (@WillHenegono) June 21, 2019

Sarah Sutton, 41, of North Devon, took this photo of her children (pictured) enjoying the eclipse. “It was quite hard to focus on my kids the way it was,” she said. “But it all came out quite well, and they seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Kathryn Sampson, 46, of Scotland, by proxy from Stirling – — TheeTwiddler (@WillHenegono) June 21, 2019

One of the most captivating shots came from Scotland, where a famous Outlander actor, Sam Heughan, looked back at the night sky on a sunny day. He called the video “my favourite thing I’ve seen all day”.

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