CNN covers the new parliament

Journalists from the CNN International Newsroom are live in Ottawa, where the 338 newly elected MPs meet to prepare for the new parliament to kick off this week.

Martin Brunt, Alice Rose and Amana Uzzaman joined correspondents from Canada at a round table discussion of the first day of Parliament in Ottawa.

“Never, ever forget who sent you to Ottawa,” said Brunt, a member of the Conservative Party, to his fellow Conservatives.

“He is without a doubt the biggest lesson I got since I got here,” said Rose, a Liberal Party.

Uzzaman, the host of Canada’s “The Conference Board of Canada,” offered advice to the rookie MPs on what to expect in the House of Commons.

“Be diligent, be prompt, be good journalists and aim for the press gallery,” she said. “There is a mechanism here and the bar is very high for what people want to hear from you. I guess one of the ways for them to learn is just by being here and testing the waters.

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