Data breach surveillance: what you need to know

Seized Data

An investigation earlier this year led police to hit their “jackpot” when investigators found a treasure trove of stolen credit cards, bank cards and PINs on private antique dealer Alan Paller’s storage facility.

A keen hoarder, the media personality had a hoard of 100,000 files containing more than 200,000 stolen credit cards and bank cards and 41,000 phone numbers. By the time he was arrested, the data held more than three million names and addresses.

It soon emerged that serial burglars had targeted the 42-year-old’s home, business and the Berkshire flat that was home to his team, latching onto the easy money in the paperwork, and were storing it in giant, communal bags for easy and fast retrieval.

As police investigated further, they discovered that Paller had also collected other stolen papers, including the serial numbers and codes for 500 heists from across the world.

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