Ford Motor Company to improve manufacturing of automotive chips in United States

Ford Motor Company announced Thursday it would partner with the Georgia Tech Research Institute to “create proof-of-concept devices and receive feedback from researchers who make chips that are made in the U.S.”

The new program is designed to increase the company’s supply chain of chips from U.S. manufacturers, “protecting the nation’s leadership in automotive technology from increasing overseas competition.”

By late next year, the company is hoping to be able to hire up to 60 engineers to increase its speed of process and build a reliable supply chain of U.S.-made automotive chips.

In September 2017, the company announced plans to move from overseas production of parts to production in the U.S.

“Technology in American cars is leading the way for the future. We’re working to bring technology-based innovation closer to our customers, and we want to ensure we have the manufacturing supplies in the U.S. to support this technology,” Kevin 2X, CIO of Ford said in a statement.

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