Watch: 1st look at The Expanse Season 3

Brace yourself, readers! Time travel is back this week as a hit show about a major time jump (2019-02-15 00:30:00) pops up on Netflix. In the first episode of The Expanse, over 900 years have passed since the Earth-Mars-Earth war, and as a consequence the worlds have completely turned on one another. Everyone’s fortunes are on the rise, but deep down, everybody knows what they need to do.

Please enjoy this second look at this summer blockbuster before it hits you in the face on Thursday, March 21:

This week is full of iconic time travel shows — the long-awaited season 6 of Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory’s first spinoff, Young Sheldon, and Kingdom have all dropped Thursday, February 14, and Friday, February 15, respectively. Also, fresh on the heels of the Maisie Williams book translation is a brand new thriller, A Year In Space, also starring Jones (May be worth the wait). Don’t worry if you don’t have time to watch them all — we told you to brace yourselves — each has been given a highly recommended marathon.

Time travel is a topic that will, for sure, be open for discussion until our world ends.

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