‘You Still Have To Date The First One’: The Struggles to Make It in Hollywood

It’s a story heard over and over throughout Hollywood: “You want to get in? No matter what they do you still have to date the first one. No matter what they do you still have to date the first one. And they know, because they’ll be telling people that you’ve come and you’re here and so whatever they do you have to come see it and there’s all these other people.”

Well, as far as people come and go this industry is obviously a very competitive place. So now that Netflix has kicked off a big push for more original series and films they are doing everything they can to get the attention of the general public. That means taking what already works and remixing it and making it for a broader audience and yet, they’ve never been afraid to mix things up when it comes to their shows and movies.

Movie star T-Boz is a huge fan of their version of “Sparkle,” for example, the 1996 Motown movie reboot. “If you didn’t love the original or didn’t like the original you wouldn’t like it on Netflix. But I think that they updated it a little bit,” she said.

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