Bitcoin-backed company opens online store inside Staples Center

With bitcoin finally edging closer to breaking into the mainstream by landing at $8,000 and getting into serious discussions about a potential bubble, some of the cryptocurrenics are using the bigger stage as a way to tell their companies’ stories.

One such company is, a Tampa, Florida-based digital currency exchanges and wallet that’s getting ready to unveil a new online store inside the Staples Center.

The company says it’s the first digital currency business to place its logo on a major sports venue.


Created in 1998, the now 58-year-old Staples Center is home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Staples Center hockey team. says its newest store at Staples Center will support the launch of its high-resolution digital image-management platform, which’s being incorporated into the Staples digital photo service.

“Their vision was to build an omni-channel, fully digital point-of-sale system that would be able to process custom images, provide password management, and make payments for clients,” said’s Brett Novetsky.

“That’s why they chose’s photo server for their new app, and why we partnered to place our logo in the middle of their photo gallery.”

Although the new store will initially feature coins only, the company says it plans to expand to the venue’s other venues, including The Forum in Inglewood, and its Universal Studios theme park.


© is a managed end-to-end digital currency exchange and wallet. Since its incorporation in 2004, the company has launched more than 180 digital currencies and successfully integrated its platform into dozens of sites and applications. operates as a market maker for more than 40 digital currencies, and they typically offer custom services for anyone who wants a merchant-branded and personalised digital currency platform. The company says its services give businesses an “easy, secure, and quick way to implement digital currencies”.

The company also notes that the upcoming launch of the Staples photo service could help it compete for digital wallet customers with the likes of Coinbase and others.


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