Rotterdam police fire warning shots in anti-lockdown protest

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Riot police protect a building from fire during the protests

Dutch police have fired warning shots to clear anti-lockdown protesters from a residential street in the capital, Rotterdam.

Police fired the shots after 400 people from anti-graft group OPINI marched towards a tax authority office in a protest against a mandatory lockdown policy.

The group has been demanding that the private office be vacated. It prompted the lockdown policy in the first place.

Rotterdam’s government is currently in discussions with OPINI.

The lockdowns, which come into force in 30 days, initially triggered violence in the city last month.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some 400 people attended the demonstration in Rotterdam

The lockdowns are now required for anything considered a “dangerous action”, such as closing the city’s underground train station or removing traffic from the city centre.

Outside the tax authority, police used water cannons and tear gas to clear the square, which had been filled with tents and barricades by anti-lockdown protesters.

Over 100 arrests were made and 20 people were injured during the riots, according to Dutch news agency ANP.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The anti-lockdown protesters in Rotterdam have been accused of blocking the tunnels

Twitter user Rene van Zwieten said that about 100 anti-lockdown demonstrators tried to “block” tunnels and buildings.

One construction worker suffered a stab wound after he tried to protect his colleagues, he tweeted.

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