Toronto man arrested for writing anti-Semitic graffiti on vehicles and buildings

A Toronto man was arrested Wednesday and charged with five “hate-motivated mischief incidents” and a related charge of mischief resulting in unnecessary distress, CTV News reported. Zachary Friedman, 24, was arrested by Toronto police on suspicion of deliberately damaging or defacing several Toronto property with anti-Semitic graffiti since early 2018.

The damage has cost taxpayers more than $140,000 for emergency repairs, including a trash can in which the phrase “blessed are the tzepheres” was scratched, a toilet in which “Twinkies 4 Sale” was slashed, and a crosswalk near a local synagogue that was ripped down and ripped in half.

“The incident that we are here today about is a very, very serious matter,” Toronto Police Acting Inspector Matthew Lavrakas told CTV News. “This was targeted, intentionally, targeted toward the Jewish community.”

Investigators said that they expected Friedman to be in court on Thursday.

Read the full story at CTV News.


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